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Welcome to Rolling with ADHD

Before we start the first module, here is a quick introduction to how the learning series works and how to make the most out of the interactive video workbooks. Please note that the course focuses on strategies for parenting a child with ADHD and assumes parents are knowledgeable about ADHD. If you don’t have a good understanding of ADHD here are some recommended resources.

What device should I use?

This is a detailed and interactive learning series that gives you time to reflect about what you are already doing well, and how you can build your strengths. You’ll have a better experience on a computer or a larger device rather than squinting at a phone and trying to thumb in your notes!

Why only one module per week?

Each short module is packed with practical strategies that you can use in your everyday life.

Every week we assign you a ‘challenge’ to get you started. We will suggest ways to put the strategies into practice. We hope this will help you find the learning series more useful.

Getting the most out of each module.

Click on the ‘plus’ icons on the image for a quick tour of the structure for each module.


No! We know you’ve got a lot on your plate and don’t need yet another login and password to remember!

Each module is accessible simply via the link in the email we send you each week.

The notes and answers you might want to take during this learning series could be super-personal. So we purposely designed the series so no notes get saved on our (or any!) server.

They are saved via your browser on your device, once you click the ‘Save my notes‘ button in each module.

This means that you can come back to the module later with all your notes in place, and carry on with the module or print them off.

Please be aware that your notes will open if anybody else opens this module on the same browser on your device. If you want to keep your notes private, you may want to delete the notes permanently, which you can do by clicking on the three dots icon in each workbook and selecting ‘delete’.

You can print / download your notes without saving, but if you cancel out of the print dialogue your notes will be lost.

You can also delete your notes from the workbook by clicking the ‘Delete Notes’ option in the same area as in the picture above. This is highly recommended if you are using a device or login that is not private.

If the video shows a spinning wheel it is either means:

  1. A local bandwidth issue. Basic video streaming these days requires 7mbps or more, but the video should auto adjust. Try again later to see if it is a temporary issue.
  2. Your computer processing is currently overloaded. Try closing other applications.

Want more info? Check here: Vimeo recommendations

1. If nothing opens when you click ‘print/download’, or you see a window opening for a split second before closing, please disable the AdBlock (or similar) extension in your browser. For example in Chrome, click the three dots icon in the top right corner, choose More Tools > Extensions, then toggle off the AdBlock (or similar) extension.

2. Make sure you have a PDF app installed on your computer or device. Here is a useful list: PDF apps.

To print, click the ‘three dots’ icon at the bottom right of the workbook. Then click ‘print’.
This opens a print window, but you also have an option to download a PDF. You can then select print or download options.

Print download in MS Edge


Please do! We have a link in each module so people can sign up for the series if they have not already.

The best thing is to send people this link, directly to the sign up page. Then they will get the modules each week in the correct order: