Healthy Minds Learning

Courses, resources and information provided by BC Children’s Hospital for patients, families, caregivers and health-care professionals.

Rolling with


For: Parents and Caregivers

A FREE eight-module series that covers practical tools and strategies for caregivers of children with ADHD. This series has been adapted from the long-standing program at BC Children’s and includes what research shows really  works for kids and families living with ADHD.

BC Mental Health Act Toolkit

For: Health Care Professionals, Children and Youth, Parents and Caregivers

A collection of tools, links, resources and learning materials on the BC Mental Health Act.  Featuring a new, one-hour education module.

BC Youth Mental Health Act Video

For: Health Care Professionals, Youth and Young Adults, Parents and Caregivers

For youth and families of youth who need to stay in hospital to get treatment for a mental health issue. This interactive video resource page will help you to get (quickly) informed about rights, options and opportunities and links to further resources.

Somatization: Mind-Body Connection

For: Youth and Young Adults, Parents and Caregivers
An animated video that helps children and youth understand the mind-body connection and how emotions influence physical symptoms.

Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre

For: Youth and Young Adults, Parents and Caregivers

A provincial resource of mental health and substance use information, resources, and peer support for children, youth and families. Kelty Mental Health helps families in BC navigate the mental health system, listen and offer peer support, and connect them to resources and tools.